Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning,” – Diane Ackerman

The Philosophy at Kunyung Preschool is that we believe that play is the work of children. Through play, we look to our children to gain a lifelong love of learning.

We believe it is important to provide a natural environment for children, to allow them the freedom to express ideas and follow through on them, to encourage them to explore and extend their interests, as well as to reflect on what they have learned.

While in our care, our primary focus is on the children’s physical safety and their social and emotional well-being. We provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment where children are valued as individuals. We believe it is important to nurture respectful relationships and maintain the dignity of each child.

We offer a program of open-ended learning and educational experiences that take into account the various ways in which children learn based on their interests and unique abilities.

Our program supports and develops resilience in children through the implementation of the most current techniques and programs. Behavioural management is based on the latest early childhood research, whilst also taking into account the individual needs of each child.

Our teaching staff acknowledge that a child’s family encompasses their most significant relationships. We aim to provide an environment where teachers are active in building strong partnerships with parents, working together to provide the best care, nurturing and education for their children.

We recognise diversity and practise inclusiveness with all areas of the community, including but not limited to, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, all religions and cultures, those with disabilities- and areas of special needs, and the LGBTQI community. We uphold the values of the UN Convention on the rights of children:

Ours is an environment where our team members show each other trust, respect and support. We take an ethical and professional approach to children and their families. Our teachers share their talents and abilities and apply their knowledge and expertise in all aspects of their work.

At Kunyung we welcome the opportunity to join parents and their children on this journey – learning from them, sharing with them and guiding them as they become more aware of who they are (Being), learning and respecting how they fit into this world that we share (Belonging), and discovering what they are capable of (Becoming), through the continual process of growth and change.

We believe that children achieve the best learning outcomes of Being, Becoming and Belonging when allowed to pilot their own interests and pace of learning.

Reviewed and updated May 2022

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