Bush Kinder

Have fun at Bush Kinder!

The bush kinder program now forms part of our annual curriculum for our 4 year old groups. The program is designed to help children learn about nature and sustainability in the beautiful bushland grounds of Camp Manyung where they have the freedom to interact with nature.

Nature’s diversity allows for a rich sensory experience, stimulating the children’s desire to investigate and experiment. This includes finding insects, climbing trees, cooking damper on the campfire and making mud pies. The program is designed to allow children to use nature’s learning materials. It also enables children to learn how to take risks, and how to take care of themselves and others.

One of the program’s distinctive features is its emphasis on allowing children to take calculated risks, encouraging them to navigate challenges and develop essential life skills. Learning to care for themselves and others in an outdoor setting further contributes to their holistic growth and development.

To ensure the children’s comfort during the program, puddle suits are a necessity in the sometimes damp weather of term two. The kinder efficiently coordinates the provision of these suits ahead of term two, allowing the children to fully embrace and enjoy the enriching adventures of Bush Kinder while staying warm and dry.

Bush Kinder Policies:

Delivery and Collection of Children Policy
Dog Awareness Policy
Emergency Evacuation Policy
Extreme Weather Policy
Identification and Visibility Policy
Play Benefits and Risk Policy
Protective Clothing Policy

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